Two Dots Symbol


Embracing the ideas of «living» and «staying».

Ci.CLO: Plataforma de Fotografia

Visually communicate an event of extended duration.


Creation of a visual communication system, extensible to different media.


ViViFiCAR is an immersive and transdisciplinary project that combines photography, new media and architecture to promote encounters between Douro, national and Norwegian artists with local communities based on participatory strategies for the creation and exhibition of community-specific works of art. The idea to be explored is based on the principle of population settlement and the exploration of movement as a catalyst for territory stimulation processes.


The idea of movement/travel is synthesized with the representation of the “i" dot. This same point serves as the nucleus for the construction of all the materials and graphic elements of the identity.

The visual explanation of how the logo was created within the grid.

Graphic System

The communication materials produced are based on a grammar that supports the idea of vivifying the Douro territories. Dynamic compositions are based on established principles. Color, representation of particle dispersion and typographic styles.

Much of the identity is supported by the geographic representation of the places where the project's residences occur. These regions are sometimes represented by the map of the regions or by representations of the element that connects them, the Douro River.

Physical Materials
Photograph of the canvas with the poster regarding "Rota de Fuga" from Raquel Schefer
Photograph of the canvas with the poster regarding "Roga" from Patrícia Gerardes
Photograph of the canvas with the poster regarding "Corten" from João Pedro Fonseca
A woman holding a tote with the project graphics
A photograph with a man holding a tool and to the right a canvas with the projects graphic.
Photograph of the canvas with the poster regarding "Lento o tempo Muda em Poço do Canto" from Trond Lossius
Photograph of the canvas with the description regarding "As Cores da Cura" from Maria Lusitano
A signage pointing to the project "Rota de Fuga" from Raquel Schefer
A flyer project on the floor
A group of people on a entrance of a building
Project manager Virgílio Ferreira talking with a microphone.
An outdoor with the project graphics.


ABC Favorit by Dinamo Typeface
Signifier by Klim Type
Structure Design
Nuno Pimenta


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