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Our method is sustained by a constant dialog between design and development.

We define ourself by three vectors: the process upon which production is based, the reason of its existence, and the motivations of the parties involved.

What We Do

Knowledge on key areas to bring ideas to life.


  • UI & UX
  • Graphic Design
  • Prototypes & Systems
  • Icons & Pictograms
  • Creative Direction


  • Sites (static and PWA)
  • Optimizations and Accessibility
  • CMS and APIs
  • Hosting and SysAdmin
  • Technical Consulting

How We Do It

Discover to apply, apply to discover.

A space of technological and creative exploration with a focus on functional, critical, and aesthetic pondered solutions.

How We Work

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With Method

The creative process is a fundamental step towards building a solid creative solution capable of responding to the three dimensions of any project:

  • Adequacy for the needs of the ones that find us;
  • Differentiated and empowering creative and technological solution;
  • Structured functionality that guarantees the satisfaction of current needs and prepares for possible future questions.

This process needs strong support for the solutions presented to be competent, well-structured, and long-lasting. We defend, always according to the needs of each project, an immersive process in the study of needs, intense in the creative approach, and rich in the final implementation.

For example, a website can be developed in an unusually, making it costly, or even impossible, to make future changes. To ensure that this does not happen, avoiding unnecessary future costs for our client, we maximize the work potential, following the best recommendations in the industry.

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From the Problem

The problem guides us to the solution. Seems obvious? Yes, but it is necessary to maintain this in focus throughout the process. The briefing of our client's needs, always framed by the characteristics of the industry in which it operates and by its business objectives, is the main matrix to which our work corresponds. The briefing is important to clearly define the objective and the most structured path to achieve it.

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In Community

There are no good results without good premises. There is no ideal resolution without constructive dialogue. We believe in the value of work that each of the participants in the process adds to it. We strive for an honest relationship, always in a constant exchange of information and appraisals, to satisfy the end-user: the client's customers.

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Focused on What Matters

We are aware of who is most affected by the work produced. The focus of the product will be to produce the best possible final experience, always based on fair usability precedents.

This attention leads us to use methods and to create products that celebrate people's will to choose, including their image. This implies being critical in the use of personal information, and, when necessary, anonymizing and encrypting in a way that it is not possible to identify someone.

For What Purpose?

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Build What Stimulate Us

Pleasure and a sense of mission are intrinsic to a process that culminates in good results. Each project must offer an enabling angle for a stimulating approach. The discovery of this angle will offer an equally stimulating experience to the user. The search for a sustained, thoughtful and creative approach sets us apart.

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Creating a Sustainable Work Culture

The work and products produced are important, but they should never be superimposed on whoever produces them. We believe that it is essential to establish a culture that respects the health, well-being, and time of the participants of each project.

We are here for the long term, and the process should reflect this will.

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Working with Ethical Principles

PLANA was born with a clear objective of being an agent that produces value for all. Part of this positioning involves applying a moral code to the products developed. Each project should serve as an ethical, aesthetic and functional addition.

The application of these values may result in the rejection of certain projects and partnerships: we are unable to defend what we do not believe in.

What Concerns Us

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Sustainability is rooted in everything we do. We are ethically responsible and environmentally sustainable. Our action plan is long term.

The work we produce is mostly digital. Although this universe does not have a physical presence, the development of digital products may require the mobilization of several resources and, thus, have a great impact.

On today's Internet, a common website weighs about 2 megabytes. This means that each visit will be able to download more or less the equivalent of half the Bible from one computer to another.

Due to the structure of the Internet, several computers have to be connected for this to happen. With this in mind, and multiplying by all its users, we are able to realize that technology decisions can have a significant ecological impact.

Thus, we admit that we are responsible for the use of green technologies. We currently use Google Cloud Platform and Cloudflare as partners on this path.

A firm handshake between two people of different races.

Social Consciousness

PLANA is the result of a vision of the world of its participants. Naturally, some motivations go beyond the traditional work model becoming a more socially responsible approach.

In practical terms, this awareness manifests itself mainly in the availability to carry out non-profit projects, which correspond to a social objective that we consider relevant.

Who Are We

With different experiences, but with the same motivation.

João Torres


Shares his time between graphic design and interaction design. With more than 5 years of profissional experience, collaborating with agencies and design studios, with small- and large-scale clients like Deutsche Telekom, Tele2, and Blackletra.

Diogo Terremoto


Worked at the college of Arts and Design (ESAD), where it co-developed the current education intranet, and managed the IT team in projects like a well-known theater of Porto called TNSJ, a private real-estate company RAR Imobiliária, and other small projects of the Porto City Hall. Likes to solve problems with simple technology, and divides his time between the computer and his bicycle.


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