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ViViFiCAR Website

Digital platform for an artistic project extended to the Douro region and Norway.

Composition with desktop and mobile layouts.
Ci.CLO: Plataforma de Fotografia

Build a digital platform that scales together with ViViFiCAR.


Communicate the event through a website.


The website, designed and developed for the ViViFiCAR project, was conceived as an organic platform, where scalability was considered a fundamental parameter. All components were designed with identity as a strong guide, both graphically and conceptually. The result was a very extensive website, with captivating details throughout the experience and with a communicational and archival focus for all components of the ViViFiCAR project.

Graphic Language

The application of the identity on the website was done in a very organic way. As the website was one of the first supports where the identity was applied, it served as a field of experimentation and consolidation of ideas developed in the process of designing the graphic identity. The identity was initially thought with some interactions in mind, smoothly transitioning to an interactive universe.

Poster and website components
Icon system


ViViFiCAR is a very particular project in its essence. It's divided in space and time (4 municipalities house 12 artists, for multiple months), extending its focus beyond artistic production and looking for new ways to rethink a region and its relationship with its inhabitants. From the beginning of the project, it was important to think of ways to synthetically communicate these ideas, with the homepage being one of the places where this focus was intense.

Above the fold (first section) of the home page.

Above the Fold

The hero section of each page always keeps an animation of a stream/river present. This river connects the pages of the website as well as the locations of the project, with the Douro being the connection point for these.

Municipalities with Residences

In this section the effort was put into representing the dynamics of the project. It is important to communicate the idea that there are 4 municipalities where residencies will take place, linking with each project and artist in residence.


The following section serves as a way to highlight upcoming events, serving as a quick access agenda.

Event Catalog

This page was designed to facilitate the search and arrangement of all activities and events associated with ViViFiCAR.

Desktop and mobile version of the event entry page

Detail Page

The detail page for each activity has a modular structure to accommodate different needs. Given the nature of the project, there's usually a prevalence of the image, which is the main thread of the page's narrative.

Narrative Freedom

The detail page was designed and developed in order to give the site manager freedom to create compositions and narratives specific to each project, whether in the arrangement of images or in the relationship they operate with the text.

Related Projects

For each activity, project or event, related items will be suggested. As ViViFiCAR is a project that lasts for a considerable period of time, it will make sense to keep the user contextualized about related activities.


Displaying artists is one of the central points of the website. The artists gallery has a linear structure, divided by the municipalities of residence. This structure offers a noticeable presence to each of the artists, complemented by the hover effect developed. Each artist has a dedicated page, where all the information and projects, they are involved in, will be displayed.

Flow from artist-in-residence page

The artist detail page will serve as a repository for all artist activity in the context of ViViFiCAR. It could also be the place for consultation of the artistic history by interested users.

Artist entry page


Alongside the artists, the municipalities occupied a prominent place in this project. The nature of the ViViFiCAR project is intrinsically linked to the artist"s reflection on each municipality. This will be one of the central points of navigation of the site, you can browse each of the pages of the municipality to find out about the activities that take place there.

Municipalities page

The county detail page serves as both an introduction to the region as a repository for the various activities that will take place there.

Municipality entry page


The about page was designed in order to contextualize all aspects of the project, its concept and objectives, team, planning or even the total schedule of all programmed activities.

About page

A component that serves as a temporal map of the entire project was designed and developed. This map associates activities, regions and time, creating a representative patch of the development of ViViFiCAR itself. There will always be two fixed bars that give context to the color elements (symbolic of activities).

Calendar component


Backend Development


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