Two Dots Symbol

PANGEIA Branding

Representing an aggregating entity

PANGEIA logo in white on a background with a warm gradient of colors.
PANGEIA - Associação Artística

Having a visual representation.


Logotype and grammar development of the brand.


PANGEIA is a cultural association with an artistic proposal that pretends to merge multiple disciplines in its program.
The concept of PANGEIA functions has a synthesis for the proposal of aggregating different disciplines in a single space.
The transdisciplinarity promoted by PANGEIA is the symbolic matrix that dictates all the brand grammar.

Conceptual Approach

PANGEIA (name given by the client) is a metaphor for an idea of the union of the parts.
Following this idea, we’ve searched to establish representative connections for the concept of a common space, arriving at the idea of country.
The country concept aggregates not just only territory but also a cultural construction that is generated through the junction of multiple factors.
In this case, the idea was extrapolated to the idea of an imaginary country that would group the whole world, arriving at the motto “If the world were a country, what would the flag look like?”.

Composition with the continent PANGEIA in the background and a phrase with "If the world was a country, how would the flag be?"


To represent an unification concept, through a synthesized shape, separation must be noticeable.
Using a Stencil typographic family translates symbolically an idea of separate parts (scenic disciplines) that gather together to form a whole. This helps to convey the idea of a space where objects are mutually contaminated.

Logotype composed by the words "PANGEIA" and a rectangular shape in placed in the right top.
The logotype


PANGEIA symbol is the conceptual matrix of the brand, being the representation of the flag of a solo country/ continent.
The PANGEIA continent would be a conceptual space. Space is an aggregator of an idea that invites multiples disciplines to act with the same purpose.
In order to capture the unification concept, the idea of the individual was highlighted. In this particular context the individual, two parts, form a whole, the flag.

Rectangular shape divided diagonally in the middle.
Symbol of PANGEIA


Beyond the logo the brand is stablished through a grammar formed by typographic composition, color, graphic composition and other materials.

Simple typography with the words "Karbon".
Primary typography
Simple typography with the words "Suisse".
Secondary typography

The color blurs, represented below, emerged from the same conceptualization applied to the logotype. The idea of a set of scenic disciplines that meet and mix up in a space.
This textures will be used has a support in the construction of graphic compositions, being able to serve multiple purposes, like illustrative and textural backgrounds.

Grid with square images composed by colorful gradients.

Multiple animals in their natural habitat between PANGEIA logo.
Square image for social networks where a phrase about PANGEIA can be read.
Social media communication
PANGEIA business card on a vertical support.
Business card
Two pamphlets with colorful background and PANGEIA logotype vertically.
Hand holding a totebag with PANGEIA branding and the phrase "Science explains the world, but only art can reconcile us." from Stanislaw Lem.


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