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Exercícios de Florescimento

An artistic project that wants to hypothesize an inclusive and sustainable future.

Gui Flor

Project communication and development of online communication tool.


Visual identity and print material design and website design and development.


Exercícios de Florescimento is an artistic project that wants to pose hypotheses for an inclusive and sustainable future. It grows from the intersection of trans and non-binary identities, willing to build and experiment with ways of renewing the anti-capitalist struggle.

The project began with the need to create an online platform that would allow communication outside the most widespread social media networks. In this process, a visual identity began to be formed and later applied to various street materials.

The application of these materials was designed in a modular way, allowing the creation of different panels and compositions, in an attitude very close to DIY.

Logo (background video by Gui Flor)
The floral theme was used to communicate the performance


The website was thought of as a platform for recording the artistic creation process that culminated in the performance. The structure of the website was developed based on a linear navigation through all the exercises produced.

The layout is built around the central circular button, adopting the circle as a permanent motif.

Initial navigation
The navigation can be done through the central button
Panels were used to place the navigation and other content
Mobile version


Several models of posters were developed, which were thought of as pieces of larger murals. It was hoped that when providing these pieces to volunteers, they would feel free to create different compositions.

Flyer designed to accompany the performance
Performance (Photograhy by O Confúcio)


Millionaire by Altiplano
GT America by Grilli Typefaces
Gui Flor
Rebeca Letras
Alexandra Corte-Real
Joana Rodrigues
Patrícia Brito
Tiago Ledo
Tomás Paula Marques


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