Two Dots Symbol

Bienal Fotografia do Porto Branding

Main identity that communicates the Bienal beyond its editions.

Ci.CLO: Plataforma de Fotografia

Communicate the Bienal without resorting to each edition identity.


Graphic identity capable of dialoguing with multiple identities (from each edition).


Bienal Fotografia do Porto brings together different audiences in an event that lasts two months. From 4 platforms, Bienal promotes an ethical transformation based on culture. The Bienal needed a basic identity that would be able to communicate beyond the edition.

In this sense, we designed it taking into account that this identity would have to accommodate several editions in the future and, consequently, different graphic identities.

Logo adapting to an edition

The concept that supports the graphic identity stems from the idea of ​​the Bienal as a gravitational pole on which multiple themes, audiences, and reflections gravitate.

In this sense, a graphic system was created where each edition has a symbol generated from the rotation of two elements on a larger one (Bienal).


Applications of the Bienal's main identity happen especially at times when the identity of the specific edition is not being used, for example in moments of more institutional communication or pre- or post-bienal.
The application of the identity is, as a rule, more neutral and discreet in order to highlight moments of communication associated with the title of each edition.

Example of a digital poster
Example of physical material
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Example of posts for social networks


Monument Grotesk por Dinamo Typefaces


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