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Bienal Fotografia do Porto 2023

A communication that promotes proximity and cultural liveliness.

Ci.CLO: Plataforma de Fotografia

An identity for the 2023 edition of the Bienal Fotografia do Porto with the theme "Acts of Empathy".


Creation of visual identity and multiple graphic materials, printed and digital, which will communicate the concept in a initimate and exciting way.


The 2023 edition of the Bienal Fotografia do Porto had “Acts of Empathy” as its theme. Through photography and other artistic practices such as video and performance, the Bienal directs its action towards change and the promotion of healthy relationships between individuals and groups.

From this idea comes the concept that supports the visual communication of this edition. All communication is based in the eye of the hurricane as a symbol. This phenomenon appears as a representation of peace at the center of turbulence, a space for reflection and catharsis. The idea of centrifugal movement is also valuable due to the concentration of forces in the center that is the Bienal.

The symbolic matrix of this edition appears in the hurricane and its center
The transformation of the hurricane into circular particles was based on the identity of the previous edition
The center of the compositions is usually the Bienal's logo, associating it with the eye of the hurricane
The typographic composition is built circularly, reinforcing the concept
Poster for “Acts of Empathy” edition


We have developed a tool that allows the automatic treatment of images and videos.
This tool translates any image into a circular grid with different intensities of white. With this, we intend to strengthen the symbolic value of graphic communication, bringing images closer to the graphic language of the Bienal’23.

Demonstration of the tool developed used on various materials


The identity developed was spread across a large number of materials, printed and digital.

The edition's programme, which contains the essential information for visiting the Bienal
Map showing the various venues in Porto that hosted the various exhibitions
"Salut au Monde!" shop window with vinyl application
Showreel with some posts made for each exhibition
Exhibition text at São Bento metro station
Canvas for mediation bandstand (Bienal initial meeting point)
Poster for the party celebrating the start of the Bienal
The rest of the bandstand canvas
Showreel of the posts developed for social media
Canvas for exhibition in the "Reitoria do Porto"
Information panel for the "SUSTENTAR" project, included in the Bienal
Information canvas for one of the exhibitions at the Portuguese Centre of Photography
Canvas of poster for the "Fundação Marques da Silva"
Materials for the exhibition at "mala voadora"
Exterior signage at "mala voadora"


Cambon by General Type Studio
Monument Grotesk by Dinamo Typefaces


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