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Bienal Fotografia do Porto 2023 Website

A website that extends to the whole experience of visiting and consulting the Bienal in Porto.

Ci.CLO: Plataforma de Fotografia

Communicating the Bienal online and assisting visitors with an informedand comfortable local experience.


Website design and frontend development.


The Bienal's identity fulfills its full potential on the website. Elements like the hurricane and the logo are animated, more assertively communicating the underlying concepts.

As a tool, this website was designed to accommodate different types of use, thus serving as a guide for visiting the various exhibitions, as an activity planner, or as a repository of information on the various creations produced in the context of the Bienal.

Home page
Home page intro animation
Home page intro animation
The main page has two versions depending on the date of the device:
one before and during the Bienal, and one after the Bienal


The exhibition page serves as the nucleus for the Bienal's artistic proposal. This page works as an archive, being able to be navigated as a gallery (time) or as a map (space).

Exhibitions viewed by venue
Exhibitions viewed by time

Detail of the exhibition

This type of page summarizes the content of each activity.


Slideshow used to show a selection of photographs associated with the exhibition.

Related projects

There are exhibitions that bring together multiple projects, by the same or several artists. It was therefore necessary to create a detail page for each project and provide links to them in a gallery associated with the main exhibition.

Venue section

Each exhibition had a specific venue. This space has a detail page with logistical information that can be also accessed through the exhibition page.

Clicking on an image expands it, updating the composition of the gallery grid


During the course of the Bienal, multiple activities were organized. This page serves as an index of all activities, being possible to filter by different topics.

Navigating to the activity index page

Activity Detail

This type of page summarizes the content of each activity.

Application Form

In order to participate in each activity, a registration was required. An inline form allowed to streamline this process.

Related exhibitions

In most of the activities there was a association with one or more exhibitions. In order to contextualize the participant, we have created links to the detail page of each of these.


The “About” page describes the Bienal more generally, presenting the annual concept as well as more comprehensive content such as the list of partners or artists.

About page with the gallery of artists


Cambon by General Type Studio
Monument Grotesk by Dinamo Typefaces
Backend Development


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